For media inquiries, book events, author interview requests, book reviews, and excerpt permissions, please contact either of the authors. Just click on either of the email addresses above to send an email directly to Kent Frates or Larry Floyd, or call them at the phone numbers listed above.


The authors are also interested in corrections to descriptions of hiking trails in this book. Changes in signage, trail blazes and even pathways are a common occurrence. As these changes inevitably occur, the authors would appreciate information about this from anyone who observes these changes while hiking any of these trails. Please email either of them at the addresses above to report these changes, which possibly may be included in a future update to this book.


Also, please contact either author if you have information on a new or established state hiking trail or trail system that you believe should be included in future updates to this book. The authors hope that this book will encourage hiking in Oklahoma and result in the development of new trails and the regular maintenance of existing routes.

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To contact Kent Frates or Larry Floyd

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