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Find Oklahoma's best hiking trails here!

Choose from these 60 scenic Oklahoma trails

Yes, trail lovers, the Sooner State has great hiking just a short drive from your location. Whether a weekend hiker, hardened backpacker, off-road cyclist, or just an outdoor scenery lover, you can choose from:

24 Southeast Oklahoma trails (Includes 7 hikes along the famed Ouachita Trail)

12 Northeast Oklahoma trails (An assortment of woodsy hikes usually near lakes)

9 Western Oklahoma trails (Includes state highpoint Black Mesa in the Panhandle)

15 urban trail systems (Urban multi-use routes for running, hiking, cycling and more)

Black Mesa Summit Trail (Oklahoma's exotic 4,973-foot state highpoint)

These trails are all listed at this site and detailed in Oklahoma Hiking Trails. This new, 191-page book includes 76 color photos from the state's most scenic trails.

Hikes showcased from across the entire state

This guidebook provides information on dozens of good hiking trails from all across Oklahoma. Most of these trails can be found in the Oklahoma State Parks system and on federal lands, but numerous urban trail systems are in cities and towns across the state.

Trail descriptions and custom maps provided

This field-friendly book provides:

An easy-to-read format for quick field reference

Trailhead descriptions with GPS readings to pinpoint your start

Customized maps with details to keep you oriented along the way

Trail descriptions to avoid unwanted detours from your route

State hikers praise Oklahoma Hiking Trails:

"There are more trails in Oklahoma than I ever knew and I've spent 40 years hiking on various trails around the state."

"I've been waiting for a book like this for 30 years. After that much anticipation it would be difficult for anything to live up to my expectations. Amazingly I was *not* disappointed!"

"If you only get one book on Oklahoma trails, toss the regional books and get this state-wide book, it's put together better than most."

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Avid state hikers Kent Frates and Larry Floyd had hiked many of the American West's trails and many noted routes in the East, yet they yearned for hiking experiences closer to home. So Frates and Floyd, both with publishing experience, set about exploring and gathering information on state trails early in 2007. Their book, Oklahoma Hiking Trails, was published by University of Oklahoma Press in fall 2010.
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